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                                      THE BA

Nick Jacobs, co-founder of seminal Bristol indie-rockers The Blue Aeroplanes, launches his new/old project on 22 Feb 2019: “Forty Years in the Bunker”, an album of classic New Wave music from the dawn of punk, played by the Ba, a band named after the first sound made by every child in every culture – the most primal sound in the universe. Originally active from 1976 to 1978, The Ba is simultaneously a band from another time and a band very much of now. Until February 2017, none of the members – Jacobs, Kevin Rayner, Sandy Sanderson, Kevin Burrows or Mark Hudson – had played a note of music together since 1978. The result is an uproarious clash of jagged riffs, fractured-psychedelic guitar and quirky personal lyrics: think Dr Feelgood meets Syd Barrett. This is music heard straight down the line from 1976, but played with a 21st century intensity and self-knowledge.  

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